Fun with Berliet

Enjoy Vihula Manor’s own vintage car from 1927.

Berliet was a French manufacturer of automobiles, trucks and other utility vehicles, based in Venissieux, outside of Lyon, France.

Marius Berliet started his experiments with automobiles in 1894. Some single cylinder cars were followed in 1900 by a twin-cylinder model. In 1902, Berliet took over the plant of Audibert & Lavirotte in Lyon. Berliet started to build four-cylinder automobiles featured by a honeycomb radiator and steel chassis frame was used instead of wood. The next year, a model was launched that was similar to contemporary Mercedes. In 1906, Berliet sold the license for manufacturing his model to the American Locomotive Company. Our Berliet was manufactured in 1927 and was for many years the private car of well known Estonian army colonel Koch.

Usage of the car for wedding photos, private and corporate events, stationary and location of your choice within Vihula Manor grounds: €150 (up to 2  hours).

NB! Only available during summer.

Vihula Manor Country Club & Spa /  Manor´s  vintage car from 1927