Helicopter Experience Flights

We offer private flights across Estonia to companies and to experience flights to private persons at events - client events, summer days, birthdays, weddings etc.

The hourly cost of a flight is 900 EUR. Extra fees, such as the helicopter's transportation fee and flyover fee, may be added, depending on the takeoff and landing locations. The flyover fee is the same as the regular hourly fee. Since this is not your regular taxi service, then we will make a unique offer for each specific request. Please take into consideration the fact that the weather might not be suitable for flying at your chosen date and that our helicopters do not fly in the dark nor across the sea.

We use the Robinson R44 helicopter, which fit the pilot and three passengers. The full weight limit is 270 kilograms and the maximum weight per seat is 130 kilograms.

All flights are provided in collaboration with Nordic Jet aviation company.