Located behind the Main Manor House and completely built in limestone. It was originally used as a large storage area cooled by natural ice for the storage of foods. The ice was laid on the floors and the food products were placed on wooden gratings above the ice.

After renovation, the Ice-Cellar is housing the Kaval-Ants Tavern, a rustic Estonian country side tavern seating up to 100 guests on 2 floors. The tavern is featuring limestone walls decorated with old farm tools, wooden beams, waitresses in traditional Estonian costumes, Estonian folklore music, traditional Estonian countryside cuisine based on natural and ecologically balanced produce and a large choice of beer and ale.

The tavern offers snacks, daily specials, a day a la carte dining and traditional Estonian buffet lunch and dinner specifically designed for groups. It offers also the possibility to book a folkloric dance show or traditional Estonian live music.

In the summer time the Kaval-Ants Terrace seats 50 guests and provides yet another spot for enjoying a meal in the open air or for arranging a BBQ party.