Vihula Manor Country Club & Spa is well suited for a wide range of events, from a romantic dinner for 2 all the way to major festivals drawing large crowds of thousands and more. Due to its remarkably large choice of venues, both inside and outside, there is an almost unlimited number of options for carrying out the most unique incentive scenarios.

Like their capacities, the atmosphere and setting of our venues varies greatly. For example, compare the elegant setting of the banqueting hall of Palm House, with the simple wooden interior of the Oil Granary meeting room. Consider the cosy wine cellar in the main Manor House – most inviting on cool autumn evenings – while the charming Tea House with its terrace overlooking the Mustoja River is at its best on sunny summer days.

Also, the estate grounds offer a variety of locations suitable for open air events, including the park pavilion, islands connected with bridges, river banks and forested areas, apple garden and meadows. A more distant choice is the sandy seaside complete with a hanging bridge that crosses the Mustoja River just before it reaches the Baltic Sea. The possibilities are endless and subject only to one’s imagination.

Given the amount and variety of venues, it has never been easier to create a feeling of privacy even when the full manor complex is not reserved exclusively for your party. Several events can be held simultaneously at different locations without disturbing each other.

Most importantly, whether you require assistance in planning your wedding or arranging a scientific conference, the professional staff at Vihula Manor Country Club & Spa is always close at hand to provide and coordinate all the necessary services.

Vihula Manor Country Club & Spa, with its unique village and romantic setting, historical buildings, picture-perfect surroundings of nature and rich cultural heritage of stories and legends, offers excellent possibilities for holding various events in the manor grounds and in the picturesque Lahemaa National Park area.

The links below introduce a selection of differently themed Vihula Manor activities, divided into half day activities, full day activities, short breaks and evening programmes. These activities are built in such a way that they can be easily combined into longer programmes, even spanning several days, and always offering something for every taste:

Activities highlighting culture and heritage, inspired by the historic ambience of the manor estate

Adventurous nature activities – from laid-back nature rambles to  more extreme outdoor experiences

Discover the unique features that the area offers, what we call “the essence of Estonia”. Here, one can experience most of the treasures Estonia has to offer, such as untouched and clean nature, ancient forests, sandy beaches, dominating coastline, manors and old country villages side-by-side, rich cultural heritage, interesting border areas where two cultures – East and West – meet.

A perfect escape – Vihula Manor Country Club & Spa is full of surprises. Let us design the most unique events just for you!