Kaval-Ants Forest

Is a small fairy tale forest in the middle of the forested area across the Mill Pond. The Kaval-Ants Forest has benches and tables, it is the right spot for picnics and it offers opportunities to play and relax in the nature.

Vihula Manor country Club & Spa Kava-Ants Forest

Vihula Manor offers excellent possibilities for a perfect picnic – in the historical manor park or on the small river islands; in the surrounding forests or fields; or on the sandy beach, just 3.5 km from the manor. We will gladly prepare a picnic basket for your adventures in the area.

Picnic basket for two:

- Vihula Manor dried fruits

Vihula Manor healthy dried fruits are a pleasant snack at any time. All “Vihula Manor dried fruits” products are dried with not using artificial additives and all products are rich in vitamin C and other natural vitamins.

- soft drink from selection (7up,Miranda,Pepsi or mineral water) Specify preferences please!

- sandwich with meat 

- Caesar salad with chicken

PRICE for two 35 EUR