Spa packages


Vihula Manor eco-SPA offers truly unique spa packages that combine experiencing the spirit of charming old manor, picture-perfect surroundings and powerfull nature – and of course our luxurious spa treatments. 

Our spa packages:

Daily spa "Tiredness gone!"
"Top to Toe Health Day"
Spa party "Life is Beautiful"
"In the Spa with Mother"
"Father and Son Spa"
Sauna Party Package


Please book all the packages and treatments:

Daily spa "Tiredness gone!"

We invite you to relax in our eco-SPA where you would not want to leave! We offer you a daily spa package with a quiet, peaceful and luxurious holiday!

The package includes:

  • Classical massage 30 min
  • Wellness foot treatment 30 min
  • Velvety face treatment 30 min

Price: 75 EUR/ per person


Spa package "Top to Toe Health Day"

The package includes:

  • Usage of indoor swimming pool and steam sauna
  • Hot stone massage 30 min
  • Wellness foot treatment 30 min.
  • Hand treatment  "Peach tenderness" 30 min
  • Velvety facial treatment "Sunny garden" 30 min.
  • Herb tea and lemon water during the treatments
  • Caesar salad at the end of the day

Price: 102 EUR/ per person (Monday to Thursday)

Spa party “Life is Beautiful”

The package includes:

  • Welcome drink upon arrival at the spa (sparkling wine)
  • Sauna 3 h
  • Healthy snacks
  • Water available at all times
  • 2 bottles of beer or cider per person
  • Bathrobes and slippers for the spa
  • Free parking
  • 1 spa treatment from following selection:

          * Relaxing massage with handmade organic oil 30 min
           * Wellness foot treatment 30 min
           * Velvet facial treatment 30 min 
           * Native American relaxing massage with hot rocks 30 min

Price: 62 EUR/ per person

The package is suitable for groups from 10 - 30 persons.

Vihula Manor is perfect for the whole family to enjoy the luxurious eco-SPA, to pet adorable animals in the eco-Farm, to rest actively in the midst of beautiful nature, to play board games, to swim in the pool and to relax together in the elegant manor atmosphere. And what could be better that to spend an hour in the spa with mother or to relax in a manly manner with father?!

In the Spa with Mother

For the mother:

  • Velvety facial treatment 30 min  
  • and/or
  • Paraffin hand treatment 30 min   

For the daughter:

  • Facial treatment with rose oil and cotton milk 30 min 
  • and/or
  • The Manor Lady's manicure 30 min     

Price: 4 x treatments: 90 EUR, 2 x treatments 45 EUR

Father and Son Spa

A manly 30-minute massage for the father and the son.

Massages help relieve muscle tensions and improve blood circulation. Its effect on the skin, the tissue beneath the skin and the muscles is either relaxing or toning, according to the movements used.

Price: 45 EUR


Sauna Party Package

The air in the sauna is hot and dry. To increase the humidity, you need to throw water on the heated stones. The temperature is around 75 to 90 degrees Celsius. Our sauna fits 4-5 people at the time. To get the real sauna experience, it is advised to alternate between hot and cold sessions - after each time in sauna cool yourself with cool water or fresh air.

In the sauna you will have:

  • Flavoured water
  • Saku Original Beer or Gin
  • Snack platter (roast beef, salted lard, salted salmon, dried elk, Brie cheese, Lapland cheese, jam, bread, olives, pickled cucumber)

Duration up to 2 hours, every next hour 60 EUR

The price for up to 10 people: 240 EUR
Every next person: 20 EUR (max 20 people in the sauna)