Vihula Manor Country Club & SPA Head Chef is Fred Ruubel

Tuesday, June 27, 2017


Vihula Manor Country Club & SPA that belongs to Unique Hotels Group has a new head chef – Fred Ruubel – who despite his young age has a lot of experience in various head chef positions in Estonia.

Heigo Vare, General Manager & Member of the Board at Vihula Manor Country Club & SPA, says that Fred treats the food, produce and clients with ultimate respect. For Fred, it is extremely important that the food is just as good as the last time so that people who come back should not be disappointed. “For us, a head chef who can appreciate the history of the manor, eco-farm, the garden and the produce from Lahemaa nature is very important. Fred has already mastered the art of using all of the above to enrich the kitchen with new ideas. We see that Vihula Manor Country Club & SPA has been able to kindle the creativity and passion in Fred thanks to an inspirational environment, excellent produce, as well as a very good team,” said Heigo Vare.

According to Fred Ruubel, Vihula Manor Country Club & SPA is definitely an inspirational experience for him. Speaking about his directions, the head chef of the manor notes that there is a lot of good raw produce available in the manor and nearby. „Since the manor is in the middle of nature, I want to honor the local produce and natural tastes in my kitchen. In that way, the guests of the manor will get the best food experience and the notion that there is a difference between tomato and tomato.“

Under the leadership of the new head chef, the talented team of chefs will continue in the manor’s kitchen as well as the cooperation with local farmers so that the best produce would reach to our kitchen.

Ruubel has worked in various restaurants, pubs and lounges, but the best practices include working under the leadership of Michael Bhoola (Restaurant Pegasus and Restaurant Lucca) and Emmanuel Wille (Restaurant Clazz).

Vihula Manor Country Club & SPA former head chef Lauri Tomingas has new challenges to face. „Lauri’s dedication and great contribution raised highly the quality of our Vihula Manor Restaurant. We are grateful for the tastes that Lauri offered for Vihula Manor Country Club & SPA and wish all the best for him,“ said Heigo Vare.

Unique Hotels is an Estonian hotel group, which operates four hotels – the budget friendly hotel City Hotel Tallinn, the business class hotel Kreutzwald Hotel Tallinn, the historical boutique style business class hotel The von Stackelberg Hotel Tallinn and the business class resort and conference centre Vihula Manor Country Club & Spa, which is located an hour’s drive from Tallinn. In summer 2017 we will open a new hotel in the city center of Tallinn – The Centennial Hotel Tallinn.