Vihula Manor Cuisine

  Vihula Manor takes pride in its heritage and this is reflected in our menus focused on local
  Estonian cuisine, combining hearty traditional countryside dishes and elegant manor cuisine.
  Some recipes even come from the manor’s historical   cookbooks, which our executive
  chef has carefully examined.

  Another important aspect is our green concept with many of the ingredients coming from
  the estate’s own organic Manor Garden, Eco-Farm, neighboring gardens and farms.
  This allows us to offer food as fresh and pesticide free as possible.

  The Kaval-Ants Tavern offers guests a slice of Estonian history. Traditional dishes
  from Estonian cuisine make their way to the table and can be spiced up with a bit
  of Estonian traditional dances and live music.

  At Vihula Manor you can enjoy life’s simple pleasures, such as seeing a friendly kitchen
  lady coming with a basket full of freshly picked salad and herbs from the garden, and
  just a while later being served an exquisitely fresh salad at the sunny   
  Lawn Terrace in front of the Main Manor House...


 Vihula Manor Country Club & SPA Chef de Cuisine is Fred Ruubel.