Vihula Manor Party Centre

Vihula Manor offers many opportunities to spend your leisure time. Another of the many facilities is Vihula Manor Party Centre in the Blacksmith’s House.

Vihula Manor Party Centre features a Party Room for 25 persons with a fireplace and possibilities of making karaoke, disco and night club evenings, 2 sauna areas, a Finish sauna with an electric heater and a resting area and a Russian Sauna with a traditional wood burning heater and a resting area, Courtyard Terrace for out-door parties and Riverside Terrace with cold and hot tub and a perfect view of the slowly running Mustoja River. The facilities at Vihula Manor Party Centre are for private use only and should be pre-booked.


  • Party Room and Courtyard Terrace: 60 EUR / hour
  • Eletric heated sauna ( 5 pax): 40 EUR / hour, every additional person 10 EUR
  • Wooden heated sauna ( 5 pax): 50 EUR / hour (includes Riverside Terrace with cold tub)
  • Both saunas: 80 EUR / hour (includes Riverside Terrace with cold tub), every additional person 15 EUR
  • Wood heated sauna and Party Room 110 EUR / hour (includes Courtyard Terrace and Riverside Terrace with cold tub)
  • Whole Party Centre: first hour: 150 EUR, every following hour 120 EUR (includes Party Room, 2 saunas, Courtyard Terrace and Riverside Terrace with cold tub)
  • Karaoke: 50 EUR/evening
  • Hot tub: 100 EUR/h
  • Outside jaccuzi 35 EUR/h
  • Outside jaccuzi + Wooden heated sauna (5 pax) 60 EUR/h, every additional person 15 EUR

Vihula Manor Country Club & Spa / Leisure Center