Vodka Distillery

The Vodka Distillery, a large 3-storey stone building from the 1830es located next to the Water Mill and the Visitor’ Centre, is featuring a Vihula Manor Vodka Museum with exhibits related to the history of spirits and vodka distillation in Estonia and at Vihula Manor, the Great Hall for degustations, meetings, seminars, corporate and private functions and the Gentry’s Chamber with an exclusive collection of Russian premium vodkas, the perfect place for a small exclusive vodka/caviar degustations.

On the 1st and 2nd floor are located 16 rooms and suites: 5 superior double/twin rooms, 5 ZENrooms, 2 ZEN Deluxe rooms, 4 ZEN Suite: the Wrangel Suite and the von Fock Suite on the first floor, and another 2 spacious ZEN Suites, the von Pahlen Suite on the 1st floor and the von Stackelberg Suite on the 2nd floor, both overlooking the Millpond.

In connection with the reconstruction of the vodka distillery and the opening of the Vihula Manor Vodka Museum in 2012, Vihula Manor launched its own vodka brand, Vihula Manor Vodka – a pure and ecologically balanced classic vodka, which comes in very stylish 0.5 L and 0.2 L bottles.

Vihula Manor Vodka is sold in the Vodka Distillery, at the manor’s restaurants and bars, and in the minibars on the estate. It is a modern continuation of the historical traditions at Vihula Manor. Cheers!